Great design occurs through a summation of good ideas, good communication and lots of hard work.

(ar) Ritesh Rathi is a product development specialist with an emphasis in technology and design. He has experience in a plethora of industries ranging from robotics, video games, furniture and house wares.

His work has been featured in the Museum of Design Atlanta and is an award recipient from the Product Developers and Management Association (PDMA-USA).

After schooling at the United World College in Hong Kong, Ritesh went on to complete his MID from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Ritesh has worked at Robotics at Georgia Tech Atlanta, Playmotion, Inc., Atlanta and Hampton Forge, New Jersey.

(en) Nirali Parekh Rathi has over 10 years of experience in design management. Her design experience ranges from interaction design, corporate communication, newspaper design to political campaigns

After schooling at the United World College, Pune, Nirali went on to complete her education from the Savannah College of Art and Design, U.S.A where she also worked as an art director for the college newspaper "District." Before starting designaren, Nirali worked as a graphic designer doing corporate communication and web design at Gay Construction Company, Atlanta and as a creative director at Queens Tribune, New York.

The design space in India is seeing positive changes. Design's role to connect customers within India and from around the world has prompted fantastic initiatives. No longer content with differentiating products only through price, today’s manufactures and service providers are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors through employing good design practices. But for every good designer in India, there are many more providing substandard design services. This change, alongside the opportunity for great design, prompted us to enter this exciting arena and provide professional design services to clients from varied industries and backgrounds. Having lived and worked in the United States for 10 years, the opportunity to do awesome things clearly lied in India, the new land of opportunity.

What makes us different is that we truly care. This isn’t a cliché. We actually do. As a young company, our success relies on our client’s success. With this mantra in mind, we understand our client’s needs so that we can provide personalized design solutions. Some of our client’s testimonials clearly suggest that we are on the right path. Our work methodology is similar to the way in which two partners might work, both trying to achieve the same goal: success.